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Google Reviews
kayla baba google.png

Kayla Baba - Bride

"We had our wedding at this beautiful venue in July 2018. The rustic feel and open concept of the building made it the perfect space for us to decorate, personalize, and welcome our family and friends. The backyard, small town atmosphere allowed us to mingle easily with our guests while the acreage gave us space to get away alone for a few minutes as well as take some amazing photos. The hosts are gracious and open up their home for a bridal suite as well as an upstairs loft for the groomsmen. Easily catered with a kitchen in the building next door. Would definitely recommend."

laura huntley google.png

Laura Huntley - Photographer

"I love this place for photos...there are numerous places to get great shots. If only we had more time! The owners are also super nice! Would love to work with them again. You wont be disappointed."

amanda matson google.png

Amanda Matson - Guest

"This wedding venue was so awesome! It was quaint, woodsy, and secluded for an intimate experience and all out good time! The dance area was the perfect size and it didn’t feel too crowded like some wedding venues do. There was plenty of room for decorations and wall hanging with enough outdoor space and plenty of seating areas. The ceremony space was awesome- seated watching the bride and groom say their vows and I do’s with the pretty backdrop of nature. All in all this experience was a blast and would definitely book this venue again! The owners were also very sweet and easy to work with. Loved this day!"

paris silver google.png

Paris Silver - Photographer

"I had the privilege to shoot the owner's son's wedding as their first wedding at the venue. Being that I am a wedding photographer, I have shot many weddings at several wedding venues before, but this venue is by far one of my favorites. This venue is great if you are looking for a home like feel with an AMAZING staff. Mr. Ed and Mrs. Darlynn made sure that my second shooter and I had everything we needed and they truly make this venue great. All my friends that are getting married and are looking for a venue, The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center is always one of my first suggestions. I hope who ever reads this in search of a wedding venue looks no further because this venue is a great venue for you!"

Facebook Reviews
anthony cain facebook.jpg

Anthony Cain - Groom


recommends The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center

"All I can say is wow! Eddie, Darlynn and her sons made this the best place to get married ever! They are super friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone wanting a great place to marry the love of your life this is the place! Thank you guys so much! Much love from the Cains!"

will jackson facebook.jpg

Will Jackson - DJ


recommends The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center

"This venue has an amazing staff, amazing vibe and Id recommend it highly."

tara cha ha facebook.jpg

Tara Cha Ha - Photographer


recommends The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center

This venue is a “hidden gem”. The family who runs it is professional and so welcoming and hospitable. I have no doubt that it’ll be one of the next very popular wedding venues and definitely needs to be on a list to visit in person.

The bridal suite accommodations were spotless, inviting and spacious and they were even the first venue ever to provide snacks, water and wine for the bridal party. So thoughtful! Their living room was open for guests and the front porch was the perfect, relaxing spot for the father of the bride to sit and wait. Darlynn provided a printed out timeline for the day and even assisted the bride in buttoning her dress.

The Back 40 venue provides an abundant array of picturesque photography backdrops from elegant, to southern, rustic, country and romantic fairytale.

They have a finished guest house for over night stay options, a rustic grooms den and catering space. They’re even working on a beer garden area for a bartender to set up and pass drinks out the window.

They flexibly permit bringing your own catering and they’re all really down to earth and friendly.

This venue affords you a gorgeous and memorable wedding day with the potential to save money by having relatives help with catering.

I encourage you to visit in person and take in the space. So much potential, charm and southern hospitality! It was a fun and special place to be and work and our couple was so gracious for the service they received. Amazing bang for your buck!

glenda wiley facebook.jpg

Glenda Wiley - Bride


recommends The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center

My husband and I really enjoyed working with Ed, Darlynn and Josh. They were super supportive in attending to all of our needs. The property was in excellent condition and perfect for our dream outdoor wedding. We would recommend The Back 40 and the Nichols’ family to anyone interested in having their wedding outdoors!

amie airbnb.jpg

Amie - Guest

"This is such a great value and such a charming location"

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